Academic Rehabilitation

The Academic section is a curriculum-based program. This program mostly for the students with learning difficulties “Dyslexia”, slow learning, speech and language disorders within the age group (6 -16) years, its cover basic skills such as reading, writing, and math are learned, and how to learn high-level skills such as organization, time planning, abstract thinking, long memory development or Short-term .

We focus on academic learning with emphasis on all developmental skill areas such as self-help, social skills and safety , with their simple and medium degrees Of responding, problem solving and generalization are the keys to success and this program. This program offers a wide range of opportunities to harness these abilities depending upon the curriculum which is developed specially for Basma Center for Special Education.

During morning or afternoon sessions, each student is assigned to a class that is suitable for his/her functioning level and follows a weekly schedule that incorporates all activities of the school day, such as circle time, academic activities, therapy sessions, personal care and social skills sessions in addition

  • Physical Development
  • Language Development
  • Math
  • Arts & crafts
  • Science
  • Religion
  • Computer
  • Social Interaction Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Assistive Technology
  • Self-Help Skills
  • Edu devlopment game (Robotics,Lego)

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