Do’s & Dont’s

  • Do's

As a centre we appreciate promptness. the students might miss on the valuable the sessions if they are late.

Homework for students is available for those parents who wish their child to undertake additional study at home. The activities available range from academic worksheets to support learning to additional practice at targets from student’s IEP.

Close gates and doors when visiting the school. 
Understand and be sensitive to the needs of our students, that your entry to their environment is a change to their usual routine which may cause them stress.

We request parents to notify the centre in advance about any hospital or other medical appointments by phone or email.

  • Dont's

We will not accept any verbal abuse or behavior from visitors which is not calm, to protect our vulnerable students.

We expect that our students attend all sessions promptly in the centre’s approved term dates. The only exception to this rule is when students need to attend medical or dental appointments. If your child is sick and needs to stay at home please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email.

We have a ‘Healthy Eating’ policy in our centre. This means that we encourage parents to send nutritious and appealing foods, such as fruits, vegetables, low fat dairy foods and grain products for their child’s snack.

Respect that we have some students who cannot communicate with unfamiliar adults and take the lead from staff about your behavior or greetings towards our students.

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