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Basma Center For Special Education is a great place for students and young people with various challenges to flourish. We are committed in taking each student one step further in the journey of learning and independence. Our Center’s motto is “Proud to Teach All”, which inspires all of us to support students with the necessary academic and social skills to adapt to an ever changing world regardless of their challenges!. Basma Center for Special Education provides a wide range of Services,

Individual Therapy Sessions

Teachers and therapists at Basma Center For Special Education Are experts in Tailoring individualized treatment plans looking into the situation of each children individually. We also help families whose children are identified with developmental delays, learning challenges or are diagnosed for special needs, find the right treatment programs and support required.

Students or Children who require continuous support for occupational, Behaviour or speech therapy will receive them over the course of the weeks, during morning school sessions or as one-on-one therapy sessions in the afternoons.

Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy is a comprehensive teaching tool that breaks down skills into simpler, more manageable tasks, and is very effective technique in treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Using Applied Behaviour Analysis – based interventions and proven behavioural strategies, we can help children with behavioural and learning challenges and work on self-help, social, communication and academic skills.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists’ are specialized in the evaluation and treatment of children with sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, Down’s syndrome, sensory-motor deficits, and other developmental disorders. Their role is to support the educational program by helping to maximize each student’s level of functioning within the classroom, at home and/or out in the community.

Additionally, the occupational therapists provide functional vision, motor skills, and sensory assessment and treatment programs. Our occupational therapists also promote the students’ active participation in activities of daily living and self-help skills in addition to vocational education activities to maximize the student’s level of independence and to provide meaningful experiences to improve their quality of life.

Friends Club

Our Buddy Club program helps children develop the social interaction and communication skills required by providing many opportunities to generalize information. Under the supervision of our therapists, children practice following rules and adult directives, playing and learning with others cooperatively, making friends, seeking positive attention, emotional regulation, managing transitions and day-to-day problem-solving activities through positive reinforcement and social coaching.

Basma Activities

Our sessions are fun-filled and creative learning experience for children. All therapists and teachers work together with the children on the following skills: 

  • Our programs are full of fun and creativity
  • Educational and recreational trips for students
  • Physical activities
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creative Writing
  • Coal drawing and recycling
  • Making sweets and pastries
  • Decorate clothes and accessories
  • Photoshop and 3D dimension
  • Digital photography and video production
  • Fun games and tactile activities (water play, sand play, etc.)


A physiotherapist will take a history of your child’s physical limitations and look at any reports you might have. Following this they will set out treatment goals to address any concerns. All sessions will be run on a one-on-one basis.

Training and workshops for parents and professionals

Workshops & Training helps families and professionals to learn how to support their children or student’s learning in home and at school environments. It also cover a number of different areas such as speech and language development, communication and sensory issues, improving attention and concentration, behaviour management methods and strategies.

Parents will be taught skills that can help them to manage problem like, behaviours at home/community and to facilitate/ generalize the newly learned skills from the classrooms or therapy rooms to their home environment.

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